Nova Prestashop Theme 1.7 Guide Version 1.0.0


This document covers the installation and use of this theme and reveals answers to common problems and issues - I encourage you to read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties. You can find always fresh version of this documentation by this here

To install this theme you must have a working version of Prestashop already installed. For information in regard to installing the Prestashop platform, please see the Prestashop Documentation 1.7


PHP configuration: PHP version 5.4 or later

Optional PHP extensions:

Must-have PHP extensions (in the php.ini file)

To improve performances: MemCached, mcrypt PHP extension


If you don't know how to check these requirements, ask your hosting provider.

1. Download

Purchase Vinovathemes template from Themeforest then you can download theme package.

Extract Package that include all files and folders of theme.

2. Install Manual Theme

To install this theme automatically do the following steps:

  1. Login to your Back-office and go to Design -> Theme & Logo

  2. Then click button Add new theme

  3. Select archive from extracted folder "themes", and click "Save" button.

  4. On this step click "Use this theme" button. and select Save button

  5. Then go to Modules -> Modules & Sevices. Click "Upload a Modules"

    Then select all modules from extracted folder "modules"

    You upload one module left time or all module. Select all modules and drop into area "Upload a module". Your module will be installed and enable right after that.

  6. Next step. You need go to Design -> Image Settings.

    Regenerates thumbnails for all existing images. Click button "Regenerates thumbnails" and wait till it's done.

  7. Then Go to Vinova Framework -> Vinova Themes configurator

    Click button "Install Sample"

  8. The end, Go to Home page your site and visit theme Nova.

1. Setting up Logo

-Navigate to Design -> Themes & Logo

2. Vinova Themes configurator

  1. hookDisplayNav1
  2. hookDisplayNav2
  3. Vinova Megamenu
  4. Vinova Nivo Slider home page
  5. Item Image - Vinova PageManage
  6. Item CategoriesTabs - Vinova PageManage
  7. Testimonial
  8. Item ProductList- Vinova PageManage
  9. Item Html - Vinova PageManage
  10. Item Image - Vinova PageManage
  11. Item Image - Vinova PageManage
  12. Item Html - Vinova PageManage
  13. SmartBlog Home Lastest
  14. Item Manufacture - Vinova PageManage
  15. Item Html - Vinova PageManage
  16. Item Html - Vinova PageManage
  17. Module Email Subscribe
  18. Module Contact Infor
  19. Item Html Policy - Vinova PageManage
  20. Payment Image
  21. Copyright

- Navigate to Vinova Framework -> Vinova Themes Pages Manage


- Go to Nova Themes Pages Manage Configure

- Config item in Vinova Themes Pages Manage


Back-end Settings:

-Navigate to Vinova Framework -> Vinova Themes MegaMenu

Add new menu:

Front-end Appearance:

Back-end Settings:

-Navigate to Vinova Framework -> Vinova Image NivoSlider

Add new slider

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